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W3gmedia (Website Design Gold Coast) is premier Australian website design & Development Company. Apart from offering high quality website design and development, we offer a diverse portfolio of products. The primary product offered by us is called Weblabel.

Weblabel is a unique product that comprises of scripts for generating PDF labels. These PDF labels can be used for different purposes like postal and shipping online. The highlight is that this script is easy to use and doesn’t require any other third party license.

As a client, you can upload your data in the Microsoft Excel files (XLS) or CSV files or any other files as it is compatible with different formats. Based on your requirement, we will customize our script and generate the type and number of PDF label you require.

If you want to know more about weblabel and how it will work for you then please contact Website Design Gold Coast for more information or send us an email with your requirements for a demo.

   W3gmedia Latest Projects

2008 build a website for Film production Services Company located in Fortitude valley QLD as a contractor. This website has a facility to upload movie production and view them through Flash using SWX services.

2008 Worked on Queensland Govt website your30.qld.gov.au as contractor.

2009 Maintain and building Australian biggest finance provider website called finance ezi wich provide car finance, boat loans, truck finance, equipment lease, bike finance and home loans.

2009 work for Blade Group and Harley Davidson Europe EDM Extranet under a contract with Room58